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Where do I go to type in a word that I went to hear the pronunciation of in Spanish. I used to have this coming up when I went to spanishdict.com. Now have lost it and need it badly.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Posted Sep 2, 2009
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Thanks a thousand times for the answer to my post.

It is really great to have people who care so much.


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Hi, Velma. Welcome to the forum grin

If you go to the dictionary (a link is at the top of this page) and type in a Spanish word, for example "perro," you will see a little speaker next to the word. Click on that to hear the pronunciation.

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In the dictionary. It has little speaker icons next to both the spanish and english words that you can click on to hear the pronunciation of that word.

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You don't even need to type in the word (if it occurs in the messages that you are viewing). You can double -click on any word displayed in a message (as a short-cut to the dictionary) and, if the word is not inflected, you will get a pop-up window that equates the Spanish to the English (or, possibly, the reverse [I haven't tried clicking on an English word}). You can then select the Spanish/English word and, along with the dictionary entry you should have a "loudspeaker" icon which, if selected, will give you the/a pronunciation.

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