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I went to a Mexican restaurant today for my friend's birthday. While the waiters were singing happy birthday to her they called her Panchita (instead of saying her name). What does panchita mean?

  • Posted Sep 1, 2009
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Pancho is a name that is used when you don't know someones name. Sort of like "Mac", "Buddy", "Bubba", or "Joe" in English. Panchita is the diminutive feminine version of Pancho.

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Why didn't you simply ask one of them?

  • Maybe because, like many celebrations in Mexican restaurants, it was too noisy? - 0057ed01 Nov 19, 2009 flag
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Panchita(o) is a diminutive for Pancha(o) and the last one is an alias for Francisca(o)..... Francis in English

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It seems to mean something like "little piece of bread" Sincerly, I hope this helps. I tried. remember people say things in Spanish in a way that seems very odd to us on first hearing, but after you get use to their sayings they are very beautiful.

  • That would be "pancita" (a horse of a different color). - samdie Sep 29, 2011 flag
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panchita is also slang for a small jar of wine.

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