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How do you say twenty-two in spanish? because it isnt in the dictionary. ive checked many times and cant find it.

  • Sydney, please note that it is mandatory on this forum to use correct spelling, grammar, *capitalization,* and *punctuation* in your posts. - --Mariana-- Sep 1, 2009 flag

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First, Lazarus mentioned in a previous thread that there is a thread in the reference section that explains how to come up with the numbers. You should try to look that up.

Second, like many members will tell you, you are supposed to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It is in the Rules of the Forum. As a heads up, I would suggest you edit this, or more people will be asking you to do so.

  • Thanks, Amy! - --Mariana-- Sep 1, 2009 flag
  • No problem. I just wish people would not encourage it by automatically answering every question without asking if they have already tried to find it themselves. - STLAmy Sep 1, 2009 flag
  • Yeah, I dream of a day like that too. :-) - --Mariana-- Sep 1, 2009 flag
  • well i am sorry no one is perfect at spelling grammer and punctuation. It doesnt really matter if someone accidently forgets to captualize a few words or they misspell stuf it happens please dont keep doing this to people.It makes ppl feel bad if every - sydneykidwel Sep 1, 2009 flag
  • 5 seconds u corect them - sydneykidwel Sep 1, 2009 flag
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I wouldn't take it so hard....

I write like that too. Now I find myself having to go back and correct my posts. It's one of my very bad habits.

Well I guess all I can say is to try not to make mistakes...

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