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number of spanish letters?

  • Posted Aug 30, 2009
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there are 29 letters in the spanish alphabet

a b c ch d e f g h i j k l ll m n ñ(with tilde) o p q r s t u v y x w z

i think

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Read Heidi's post. There are 29 letters. There is no discussion about it.


  1. f. Vigésima novena letra del abecedario español, y vigésima sexta del orden latino internacional

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

Translation: The z is the 29th letter of the Spanish alphabet, and the 27th of the International Latin alphabet.

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Actually, There are 27 letters in Spanish alphabet. Ch and Ll were eliminated from it in year 2010.


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This is what I found on elcastellano,org:

La Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española (Real Academia, las 19 academias hispanoamericanas, la norteamericana y la filipina) ha establecido claramente a través del Diccionario panhispánico de dudas (2005) que el alfabeto español consta de 29 letras (por favor pulse: abecedario). A efectos de listar las palabras en diccionarios se ha adoptado el orden alfabético latino internacional en el cual las palabras que comienzan por ch y ll no son presentadas con entradas aparte, sino siguiendo el orden que les correspondería dentro de la c y la l respectivamente. Puede ser que muchos autores de textos escolares no tengan clara esta situación y hayan considerado que la adopción del orden de alfabetización dentro de los diccionarios es criterio suficiente para decidir que las letras ch y ll ya no forman parte del alfabeto. Pero hoy por hoy, siguen siendo la cuarta y la decimocuarta letras del alfabeto respectivamente.

This also answers your question, qfreed, I can see you are a new member to this forum, only just registered.

Bienvenido al foro, qfreed raspberry

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How many letters are in the Spanish alphabet? This is an interesting question. None of the study materials I've worked through have addressed this subject. Surprising of itself, now that I think about it.

I'm coming from the world of english (U.S.) where the answer to "how many letters are in the alphabet" is essentially written in stone and immediately answerable by most U.S. first graders, 26 letters.

Therefore, I was amazed to find out that there isn't one clearcut and absolute answer.

According to the clearest written (in my opinion) of the reference resources I looked at (http://spanish.about.com/cs/forbeginners/a/beg_alphabet.htm), there are 29 letters in the alfabeto de español. They show all of the english alphabet plus ch, ll, & ñ. They cite the Real Academia Español (http://www.rae.es/rae.html) (RAE) and proclaim the RAE to be "the arbiter of what's official Spanish".

Among the disclosures includes a statement that some sources include the rr (they do not) and that some other sources drop the k and the w, "which exist almost exclusively in words of foreign origin". According to the about.com page, vowels with diacritical marks (for instance é or á) are not generally considered to be unique letters in their own right.

So - depending on which school you are in - the answer to the length of the spanish alphabet could range from 27 letters to 30 letters.

The about.com page includes a pronunciation guide on how the letters are spoken and includes useful tidbits such as the fact that, in español, the letters of the alfabeto are feminine.

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29 letters in the spanish alphabet.

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Being Chilean we have always known it to have 29 letters.

The "extra" letters are ll, ñ (eñe) and rr (rolling the tongue r). The ch was never counted as this is also used in other languages, same pronunciation in English.

Maybe officially they dropped it to 27 but who are they to say what nearly an entire continent can speak? LOL

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