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i cant seem to find a word that stars with ├Ĺ it would be greatly apreciated if you help?

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My favorite is el ├▒and├║ which is an australian ostrich, there are also:

  • el ├▒ame - yam

  • el ├▒urum├ę - anteater of paraguay

  • la ├▒o├▒er├şa - inanity

  • el ├▒oclo - a kind of macaroon

  • la ├▒agaza - a bird call or decoy

  • OMG...me has ganado :) - 00494d19 Aug 27, 2009 flag
  • wow! this is the first time I've heard about those words. I didn't know that there are nouns that start with ├▒. thanx for sharing. - drupe0906 Aug 27, 2009 flag
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Hi estrada, welcome to the forum smile

I can think of several:

├▒u ├▒o├▒o ├▒ora ├▒apa ├▒o├▒er├şa ├▒o├▒ez ├▒oqui ├▒oquis ├▒ogarse

Have a look in the dictionary for the meaning. grin

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Have you tried using a paper dictionary?

├▒a ├▒├ícara ├▒acurut├║ ├▒agaza ├▒ajo ├▒ame ├▒amer├şa ├▒ampeado ├▒ampearse ├▒amp├ş ├▒and├║ ├▒andubay ├▒andut├ş ├▒anga ├▒├íngara ├▒angazo ├▒ango ├▒angotado ├▒angotarse ├▒angu├ę ├▒a├▒a ├▒├í├▒ara ├▒├í├▒igo ├▒a├▒iguismo ├▒a├▒o ├▒apa ├▒apango ├▒apind├í ├▒aque ├▒aruso ├▒ata ├▒atear ├▒ato ├▒atuso ├▒ecla ├▒eco ├▒ecudo ├▒eembuke├▒o ├▒engo ├▒engue ├▒eque ├▒inga ├▒ipe ├▒ique ├▒iqui├▒aque ├▒ire ├▒isca ├▒is├▒il ├▒izca ├▒o ├▒ocha ├▒oclo ├▒oco ├▒ola ├▒omblo ├▒ombl├│n ├▒ongo ├▒o├▒er├şa ├▒o├▒ez ├▒o├▒o ├▒oqui ├▒or ├▒ora ├▒orbo ├▒u ├▒ublado ├▒ublar ├▒ublense ├▒ublino ├▒ublo ├▒ubloso ├▒uco ├▒udillo ├▒udo ├▒udoso ├▒urdo ├▒uto ├▒uzco

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