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i cant seem to find a word that stars with Ñ it would be greatly apreciated if you help?

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My favorite is el ñandú which is an australian ostrich, there are also:

  • el ñame - yam

  • el ñurumé - anteater of paraguay

  • la ñoñería - inanity

  • el ñoclo - a kind of macaroon

  • la ñagaza - a bird call or decoy

  • OMG...me has ganado :) - 00494d19 Aug 27, 2009 flag
  • wow! this is the first time I've heard about those words. I didn't know that there are nouns that start with ñ. thanx for sharing. - drupe0906 Aug 27, 2009 flag
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Hi estrada, welcome to the forum smile

I can think of several:

ñu ñoño ñora ñapa ñoñería ñoñez ñoqui ñoquis ñogarse

Have a look in the dictionary for the meaning. grin

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Have you tried using a paper dictionary?

ña ñácara ñacurutú ñagaza ñajo ñame ñamería ñampeado ñampearse ñampí ñandú ñandubay ñandutí ñanga ñángara ñangazo ñango ñangotado ñangotarse ñangué ñaña ñáñara ñáñigo ñañiguismo ñaño ñapa ñapango ñapindá ñaque ñaruso ñata ñatear ñato ñatuso ñecla ñeco ñecudo ñeembukeño ñengo ñengue ñeque ñinga ñipe ñique ñiquiñaque ñire ñisca ñisñil ñizca ño ñocha ñoclo ñoco ñola ñomblo ñomblón ñongo ñoñería ñoñez ñoño ñoqui ñor ñora ñorbo ñu ñublado ñublar ñublense ñublino ñublo ñubloso ñuco ñudillo ñudo ñudoso ñurdo ñuto ñuzco

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