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Trying to find a spanish word starts with ñ sound

  • Posted Aug 19, 2009
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4 Answers

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My Spanish-English dictionary only has six:

  • ñandú: rhea (a type of bird)
  • ñoñería: inanity, nonsense
  • ñoño: dull, squeamish
  • ñoqui: gnocchi (a type of food)
  • ñora: a type of red pepper
  • ñu: gnu

I'd be willing to bet that more exist though.

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My English-Spanish dictionary also contains other words like:


ñame: (Botany) yam , sweet potato 
ñácara:  ulcer , sore 
ñajo:  with nasal voice 
ñandutí:   nanduti (textile industry)
ñango: (adj.Mex.) ungainly, wimp, wimpish, weedy
ñaña: elder sister
ñapa: bonus 
ñapango (adj. Colomb.) half-breed , mulatto 
ñaque: junk
ñato: snub-nosed , flat-nosed , pug-nosed 
ñeque:  strong , vigorous 
ñiquiñaque: trash, worthless person or thing.
ñoco: one-handed 
ñoñez: insipidness , insipidity 
ñoqui: (Gastronomy) gnocchi dough  (Argentina) public employee
who appears  only on payday 
ñorbo: (Botany) passionflower 
ñudo: knot

P.S. There are more words that start with ñ in the RAE Spanish dictionary.

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ña ñácara ñacurutú ñagaza ñajo ñame ñamería ñampeado ñampearse ñampí ñandú ñandubay ñandutí ñanga ñángara ñangazo ñango ñangotado ñangotarse ñangué ñaña ñáñara ñáñigo ñañiguismo ñaño ñapa ñapango ñapindá ñaque ñaruso ñata ñatear ñato ñatuso ñecla ñeco ñecudo ñeembukeño ñengo ñengue ñeque ñinga ñipe ñique ñiquiñaque ñire ñisca ñisñil ñizca ño ñocha ñoclo ñoco ñola ñomblo ñomblón ñongo ñoñería ñoñez ñoño ñoqui ñor ñora ñorbo ñu ñublado ñublar ñublense ñublino ñublo ñubloso ñuco ñudillo ñudo ñudoso ñurdo ñuto ñuzco

  • Well, at least this list is not so long as the one with words written with a diéresis. - Janice Aug 21, 2009 flag
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