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I am doing a poster board about me, if I want the title to be "all about me", how would I write that in Spanish? question

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Todo tiene que ver conmigo - There has to be a better translation than this, but it means " (It) All has to do with me"

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"Todo sobre mi" is one way. Another, possibly better, alternative is "Todo acerca de mi".

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This question was asked recently and this I believe was the best answer from Lazarus:

Let me give you a grammatical rule:

After a preposition, except "entre" and "según", you must use "mí" and "ti", and never "yo" and "tú". The basic prepositions are:

a, ante, bajo, con, contra, de, desde, durante, en, [entre], hacia, hasta, mediante, para, por, sin, [sobre], tras

Therefore, the correct options are "Todo acerca de mí", "Todo sobre mí" (this also sounds like "above me"). "Todo de mí" can be ambiguous unless the rest of the sentence clarifies it: "Quiere saber de mí" (He/she wants to know about me.)

There was also a reminder from Iza that con + mí must be put with go to be correct - conmigo smile

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Todo sobre yo!

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