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I looked for the Spanish translation of trashbag on this website and in my dictionary and couldn't find it. Is there a word for trashbag in Spanish? If so, what is the most commonly used translation?

  • Posted Aug 9, 2009
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  • I'm looking for the word for "trashbag", not "bag of trash" - Johnnie Aug 9, 2009 flag

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trash bag

trash bag bolsa para la basura

trash bag bolsa de la basura

trash can bote

trash can cubo

trash compactor compactador de basuras

trash compactor triturador de basura

trash heap (US) nm basurero

  • In case your interested, my English dictionary says trash bag is two words. I thought it was one also. - 0074b507 Aug 9, 2009 flag
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