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How do you pronounce the g in Spanish, thank you.

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Is the g in the (which?) Spanish dictionary distinct from elsewhere?

There are all kinds of resources available online and in previous posts here explaining how to pronounce all the letters of the Spanish alphabet. I recall reading one site that discussed the tongue placement and breath control for all the letters and letter combinations.

Por ejemplo: http://spanish.about.com/library/questions/aa-q-pronounce-gua.htm http://spanish.about.com/library/beginning/bl-beg-pronunciation-hardcons.htm#G

I suspect, however, that you may have a question on how one particular dictionary speech engine is pronouncing the g?

  • http://www.espanol-ingles.com.mx/spanish-pronunciation/ give tongue positions - 0074b507 Aug 8, 2009 flag
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Please, follow this link: Spanish Alphabet - How do letters sound

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Actually their are three ways. One is obvious (before "e" and "i") it sounds (more or less like a heavily aspirated "h" in English [the degree of aspiration depends on the region]). In other terms, it is pronounced exactly like the "j" in Spanish.In the other case, it is pronounced somewhat like the "g" in English "get" but depending on the phonemic environment is subject to variation. I suggest you look at This is a [link] (http://www.spanishdict.com/answers/100209/spanish-alphabet-how-do-letters-sound);

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It depends, there are 2 ways; the soft g and hard g. Here is a podcast to help you better understand.


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the G in Spanish is pronounced like the J in English

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Did you just type all that in CAPITALS? It's against the rules to do that! smile

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The "g" in spanish is practically just like the "g" in english.

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This question was posted when I first got here, and i didn't know that it was against the rules. I know the rules now, obviously. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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