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What would the root be?
Was (fue')

Muchas Gracias!

  • Posted Dec 16, 2007
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These are all tenses and are reflected through the verb endings.
will is the future tense
I will sing.= Yo cantaré
would is the conditional tense
I would sing.=Yo cantaría.

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What would the root verb be? I don't mean to seem like an idiot, but this one stumps me...Is will part of the verb want? Quiero? Is it an irregular verb-then I can search the past present etc listings in my books. Gracias otra vez...

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It depends on what you want to say.
Use the infinitive of the verb(ends in -ar, -er

add the endings to the infinitive
cantar- (future) yo cantaré, tú cantarás- (conditional) yo cantaría, Tú cantarías

hablar- (future) yo hablaré, tu hablarás- (Conditional) yo hablaría, tú hablarías

Check the grammar lessons. You will find the endings listed there.

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Gracias Cherry!

I realized what you meant after I signed off. It is the ending of the word that makes the infinitive (') "will." I should have realized this! However, I'm only 6 months in and there is plenty of new things to get used to. Thanks for the link and understanding.

¡Que tenga un buen día!

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You are welcome. Will and would are helping verbs and again they don't translate, just change the ending of the main verb. Good to see you in the forum. I'll be looking to help you with more of your questions.

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Aprendo español has made me realize how much I have forgotten about English grammar, verbs, sentence structure, pronouns, participles, indicatives, subjunctives etc! Anoche, I went through an English Grammer and punctuation book and listed the descriptions of most of the words right on my Spanish book breakdown chart of verbs, that ayudaréme (').

¡Gracias otra vez!

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That is something that is good about learning a second language. It makes you go back and re-evaluate your first language skills.

that ayudaréme- eso me ayudará

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We call them ¨auxiliares¨ ( helper) in this case for future. will.( did, would, etc..) There are no ¨auxiliares¨ in Spanish.
Te ayudaré = I will help you.
Tú hablarás or Hablarás = you will speak

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